10 types of women to avoid dating

If you don’t recognize her by her “augmentations” you might recognize her by the fact it takes her 3 hours to get ready, the ridiculous amount of time she spends looking in the mirror, the 5 inches of make-up on her face (and maybe even body…), or the way that she has to look “just perfect” in order to go anywhere or do anything, including a trip to the gym, or a run to the grocery store.

I’m all for a woman looking presentable, and I am a fan of my makeup, but let’s remember that true beauty never starts on the outside, it always runs so much deeper.

And one thing I’ve learned from my husband about men, is that one of the most attractive things about a relationship with a woman is the exclusivity of that woman being “only his”.

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Recognize this one quickly, because what you see here is what you’ll get. I’m Sexy and I Know It It’s great to have self-confidence as a woman, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

In fact, this woman often feels so insecure about herself, that she uses her body to gain affirmation from men.

While this may seem to make life easy at first, the lack of mystery and depth will wear you down, because a healthy relationship involves two unique identities- not just one trying to mimic the other. Gold-Digger She loves your car, she loves your career, and she loves your cash. You’ll recognize this one quickly, because she’ll take all she can get from you, and give very little back in return. Overly Critical I think this is the worst of all the women you could date.

She’s looking for security more than she’s looking for a significant relationship. According to proverbs, a woman like this is like the sound of a leak dripping: constant, annoying, and problematic!!

In other words, she flaunts her stuff to anyone who’s willing to look.

While her seduction might draw you like a magnet, you’ll quickly realize that it’s also drawing everyone else, too.

This is the kind of woman who hasn’t really taken the time to know herself, know her beliefs, or know what she feels or thinks.

She’ll likely default to your preferences, your beliefs, your relationship with God, and even your interests.

”This is my go-to defense when someone calls me picky in dating.

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