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Shouldn't the doctor have explained all the possible problems?I can see better far away, but can not see near without my glasses at all... I'm sad, but what I've read from the posts here is there isn't much hope for things getting any better.crystalens installed SEPT.2011 was great for 8 months except SLOW to refocus and never good at distance.began to slowly get worse till Dec. at this time it is like looking through a glass smeared with vaseline plus when watching writing an TV there is a "ghost image (double vision) offset by one letter thus blurring the entire line of print.

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Can you please tell me who your doctor is - that is experienced in doing this procedure.

However, if this isn't a choice for me, I plan to see if I can wear mono-contacts, as my distance and close up are bad.

I had mono-lasik prior to Cataract Surgery, and was told Crystallens would work fine if implanted, however, with what vision I do have, it is mono vision.

I have a friend who had mono Restore Lens implanted and they work great.

My doc told me the halos I see - my brain will eventually adjust to them and I won't "see" them anymore... Stop trying to scare posters at this site with tales of greedy lawyers waiting to pounce on the poor doctors.

I know there is much enmity betwee lawyers and doctors and for everyone of my doctor friends who were unfairly sued I know of a friend who was damaged by a doctor and could only find help from a lawyer who agreed to sue for damages.At this point, I don't care if I have to wear glasses all the time. I just want to end the uncomfortable feeling in my left eye and be able to see. But the Re Stor in the right eye has felt comfortable from day one. The wider community should be aware of thgese false claims - my IOL has never once accomodated and at the end of a day my eye strain is incredible - i am unable to read with the eye with the Crystalens even with glasses near or intermediate - everyday I feel like pulling the eye with the Crystalens out - it is uncomfortabe- I feel that I have been conned and would warn all thiose considering an IOL to steer cxlear of this fraudulent product.All of these posts underscore the need for the eye surgeon to be very careful in selecting patients who are candidates for presbyopia correcting lenses, and to share UP FRONT with their paitents that there can be drawbacks with them.It is for people to get medical help not create more lawsuits!! I, too, was taken in by the Florence Henderson video playing on a loop at my eye doctor's office in the waiting room.I was told nothing of the possible problems, but that it would be such a big improvement from the cataracts I was dealing with at the time.I had Lasik in both eyes about four months after the crystalens implant and the middle of this month had a Yag procedure.

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