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To better understand assimilation and the cognitive process that is involved, we should take a closer look at how Piaget believed we create mental structures to take in this new information as we are exposed to it.

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People can quickly organize new perceptions into schemata and act without effort.

However, schemata can influence and hamper the uptake of new information (proactive interference), such as when existing stereotypes, giving rise to limited or biased discourses and expectations (prejudices), lead an individual to "see" or "remember" something that has not happened because it is more believable in terms of his/her schema.

The existing schema for how to operate a computer provides cognitive guidance for how to engage with a new program or explore online sites that the student has never visited before.

The student is assimilating new knowledge into his existing schema and, in the process, modifying that schema to include the new information.

You are trying to incorporate what you already know with the new information or experience.

So, assimilation is a blending of the previous information with new knowledge.It modifies or expands the existing schema rather than changing it.A student who has experience working with computers is typically adept at being able to learn a new software program or navigate a new website.Since then, other terms have been used to describe schema such as "frame", "scene" and "script".Through the use of schemata, a heuristic technique to encode and retrieve memories, the majority of typical situations do not require much strenuous processing.For example, once you have been to a restaurant to eat, you learn that you are seated, look at the menu, order your food, wait, eat and pay for the food.

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