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Another advantage is that it provides less resistance where the leverage is the worst.So if a client is rehabbing a muscle, this could be useful.It may not be interesting to some of you, but those of you who are into exercise science and fitness gadgets and gizmos, may find some interesting ideas and perspectives. The four technologies of training equipment are constant resistance devices, variable resistance devices, accommodating resistance devices, and static resistance devices.

Also for everyday people, this type of resistance training has a disadvantage.

For deconditioned people or first time exercisers this may be dangerous even with light loads.

199-206).“Accomodating resistance machinery is designed to allow you to exert maximum resistance throughout the full range of movement in each of your exercises” (Hatfield, p. This allows you to contract your muscle fully through the entire range of motion,at each point the “weight” is its heaviest.

This is done by controlling the speed at which you can move the machine.

So at the top of the squat, we are losing some of the benefit of the exercise.

This is also an advantage, as it has been shown that this is how our muscles evolved to work and is a natural type of stress to the body that helps us develop better stabilization strength, and power as well (Hatfield, p. For general population training this will improve a client’s joint integrity through training the stabilizer muscles and also teach them how to move objects in real life better than machines.

Hi everybody, it has been a long time since I posted and I wanted to put up something fitness related.

This is an essay I wrote about the four types of resistance machines/technology that is out there.

They could work a full range of motion in the joint and be challenged at the top (say a bicep curl) but at the bottom where they are weaker and where the injury happened (say from hyper extension) the resistance is more accommodating (Hatfield, p.200-201).

In sports training these types of technologies could be used to train power for sport, such as the example I gave of a martial artist using a resistance band to train his kick. These tools can also be used to help someone through sticking points like using resistance bands to do reverse barbell bench press, or assisted pull-ups, to help the athlete build strength through the weaker ranges of a movement.

In these cases, machine exercises may be a better option to start training.

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