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As a former fat kid and fat adult who suffered so much because of being overweight, we hope our daughter isn't!

star is dating Hollywood stuntman Aden Stay, she tells ET, gushing about how Stay hasn't seen her past drama play out on TV. "[It's] truly a blessing to meet an amazing man who doesn’t watch my past shows or listen to untrue and negative press." "Between business and entertainment, we’re a great power couple," she adds.

Related: Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Question From Daughter It probably didn't help that Mr. Conversations about Ryan being clean came about as the MTV vet's first baby momma, Maci Bookout, was informed by nine-year-old Bentley that Mackenzie is with child.

While the reality TV starlet hoped this baby news would make Ryan a better father, she had her doubts about her ex's sobriety.

To make matters more complicated, the mother is suing producer Morgan J.

Freeman and Viacom for at least million over porn shaming allegations.

In response to these claims, the ever confrontational Farrah ripped her "evil" mom a new one.

However, this isn't the first time these two have butted heads.

During a conversation with her mother, Maci revealed that she doesn't believe Bentley's father is clean, which is why he refused to take a drug test.

She also admitted: [ We hope our daughter is not fat!

In case you missed it, last week's episode concluded with Morgan and another producer, named Jordan, driving to Farrah's house to discuss her recent behavior and reignited adult film career.

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