Adam lazzara dating chauntelle dupree

In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of Eisley, while on tour.They started dating in fall 2006 and became engaged on February 14, 2007.Lazzara has recorded five studio albums with the band Taking Back Sunday.

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•Adam is the youngest member of Taking Back Sunday.

•Adam says that Paris Hilton is only famous for "being rich and naked." •Adam is a smoker •Adam is a playable character in the online video game Emogame.

In fact, it is said that this is the reason John left the band.

•The number “152,” which can be found on TBS’ album covers, is a reference to the exit where Adam and his old friends would make a stop on there way to and from concerts.

•At the "Give It A Name Festival" in 2006, Adam accidentally hit TBS bassist Matt Rubano in the head while swinging his microphone. Now he tries to only eat certain meats, like chicken •Adam has a man-crush/"self-proclaimed homosexual obsession" with actor Brad Pitt.

•Adam has quite a few tattoes, including one on his elbow that reads "next time that star shoots across the sky," which is a lyric from the song Knives, Bats, New Tats by the band Lifetime. •One of Adam's tricks on stage is dangling from the top of the stage while performing.In October 2013 they had their second child, Asa Joseph Danger. In March 2018 they welcomed their third child, Sylvie Wildflower Joy. In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of the band Eisley, while on tour.They were to be married in March 2008, but it was announced by Chauntelle's father in January 2008 that the wedding had been called off and that Chauntelle and Adam had split up.Lazzara currently maintains an apartment in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

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