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Visibly upset, Ruth states that Tom is in Bill's will.

Ruth tells Tom about Bill's father, a Vietnam War veteran, who is implied to have died in the war.

Tom, in turn, tells Ruth about Bill's fictitious love interest based completely on Tom's infatuation with Julie.

Tom asks Julie out for coffee still holding up Bill's coffin.

Bill's relatives, upset about Tom's indifference towards Bill, forcefully relieve him of his duty as a pallbearer.

Tom is rejected at the end of his second interview and goes to Ruth's to help pack Bill's belongings.

While looking through pictures of Bill growing up, Ruth and Tom kiss and have sex on Bill's bed.

The hour-long show could have been cut to 20 minutes if you eliminated the obligatory recaps after each commercial break as well as Richman's yummy noises.

"It feels very relaxing now," co-owner Joe Nicolosi told me during a viewing party at the Terminal just after he was declared winner.

TV food host Adam Richman toured the country and sampled 28 sandwiches, and when the smoke cleared, he named Di Nic's roast pork, served at the Nicolosi family's stand at Reading Terminal Market, the best in the nation.

Week by week, Wednesday's Travel Channel series had been showing off the contenders.

Tom is contacted by his high school classmate's mother, Ruth Abernathy (Barbara Hershey), to tell him that his "best friend," Bill Abernathy, committed suicide, and is asked to give an eulogy at the funeral.

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