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The obvious reason to reject things like a fancier car or house is that they use up more of the planet’s natural resources that could be used to help someone else instead.On the other hand, buying more services and experiences in your own community might end up supporting younger and less wealthy people (students, actors, musicians, artists) which might do a bit of good to society and share your wealth.

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Now, everybody knows that I like to promote a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Critics of my approach have said things like this, “You can’t take your money with you when you die, buddy.

In fact, the cravings ARE real, and the adrenaline rush of buying these new things is real as well.

They really do make you feel happy – for a very short time.

It is intuitively hard to believe these things at first, when you have been raised as a consumer.

My cravings for the crisply carved seats and slickety smooth felt real.

All three of these goals are in perfect alignment, and they mix and mingle in different ways depending on which aspect of Mustachanism we are discussing at any given time.

Today we’ll be focusing in on #2: What actually makes us happy.

” All of these statements would have sounded perfectly rational to me when I was just a little younger.

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