Addicted to online dating

I dated one lady who took exception to my interest in the forums...

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I looked the other way while he ignored me to be on Face Book as long as I could.

I have a Face Book profile but rarely go into Face Book.

And, by the way, what are you doing here in the forums?

I suppose, OP, that you consider if his actions are interfering with your relationship, or are you perhaps annoyed that he may have a hobby that isn't focused on you?

I helped a gir friend place a profile in here and she found a wonderful man. I googled how to be successful in finding an internet romance and the advice given was to stay determined and not to give up. Hugs, Lauren Since I know nothing about your relationship with this man or how long you've actually been dating him, I will have to answer this way: Do women ever outgrow this addicting desire to change the men they decided to date???

There are lots of people on this site for the social interaction, and honestly honey, I'm just here for the forums.

I busted him because the site tells active with in the last ten minutes. Internet dating is a wonderful way to meet people but the down side is that 90% of the people lack integrity.

I met a man in here 5 years ago and he definatly turned out to be an abuser. I am finding that nothing has changed and the guys in here seem to all have issues. I wish I had the answers for meeting a quality person. I know what emotionally healthy is and it's making my search to find a quality guy a huge challenge. I would let your internet boy friend have his walking papers.

He talks on the feed lines while driving on the expressway, dining, walking his dogs, and at his job. He has reunited with all of his class mates from 30 years ago.

His I-Phone is programmed to chime when he picks up a message on Face Book. I would say that Face Book is his number one top priority to him.

I want to live life by being active and out into the world.

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