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Here, we break down all you need to know about the proper address format for both married and unmarried same-sex couples.

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There are a number of little nit picky rules you may want to review.

Like what to do if the couple has different last names?

Don’t leave your guests waiting just because you want to make sure no one misses your grand entrance.

Most guests know better than to show up right at the invite time anyway, so if you put for a 7 o'clock ceremony, some of your guests could be waiting around for as long as an hour before you begin.

If you feel silly for looking up how to address save-the-date postcards, don’t.

Most people rarely have to think about this more than once in their life.

Many of your guests will still have to travel and possibly book overnight accommodations so give them a heads up as a courtesy.

Related: Creative Photo Save-the-Date Ideas As weddings have grown more expensive, it’s not surprising that more couples are opting to get married on a Friday or Sunday rather than the high-priced Saturday night.

Avoid having 100 people asking you, "Where's the wedding?

" by including the city and state on your save-the-date (no need to put the actual venue at this stage).

If you choose Friday, start your ceremony later — perhaps 7 or 8 p.m.

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