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The implanted Opal card is not as sensitive as traditional cards and can require several swipes due to modifications including a shorter antenna."Changing the physical attributes of the card may impact the reliability of the Opal card," Transport for NSW said.

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"I can walk out of my house, forget my wallet, forget my phone and everything and I'm still going to able to interact with technology."He acknowledged his chip might become obsolete in the coming years, but said he was "not super stressed" about it.

Mr Meow-Meow's Opal device was implanted by a piercing expert who could manage the risk of infection.

For cataloging purposes, these unused designs were often named after familiar Toho monsters, such as with these creatures which were labelled Angilas, Biollante, Gabara, and Mogera (both organic and mechanical versions). In The Beginning: In the 1990s, Sony Entertainment started an animation division to adapt some of Columbia/Tri Star’s motion pictures and other properties into animated series.

This division successfully turned out cartoons based on such recognizable properties as JUMANJI, GHOSTBUSTERS (a.k.a.

This allowed Sony to budget costs and expenses over the forty episodes up front and not have to do half the episodes at one time and hope the other half would be approved later.

At this point though, Godzilla and his new appearance were closely guarded secrets.Though the 1998 GODZILLA movie, produced by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich of Centropolis Entertainment, did respectable box office worldwide, it did not live up to the enormous expectations industry insiders had predicted.Enter Sony Pictures Family Entertainment (SPFE) and the FOX Broadcasting Group.By adapting the Tri Star Godzilla into a weekly animated television show, Sony was able to take the new design and add the Japanese monster’s characteristics and turn it into one of the hottest shows on Saturday morning television. How was it developed and just who was behind all of this?Let’s start from the beginning and see what it takes to put a show like this together.Only our hero Nick Tatopoulos and his enormous new ally, Godzilla, can prevent further destruction. When Sony/Tri Star picked up the franchise rights to Godzilla in 1992, it immediately set out to adapt the creature for America and ultimately the worldwide audience.

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