Adult dates bangkok Chat asian women with no credits cards needed it

I think almost everybody knows that Thailand is full of gorgeous beaches and is a fairly cheap destination (as I detailed in my Chiang Mai post).

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You do have one other option in Thailand, internet dating.

I received glowing recommendations for the following site: Thai Love Links (now Thai Cupid).

At this point however, I am going to say something that many will probably find outrageous…

I do think Thailand is a good single dude travel destination. Although Thailand is world famous for beautiful girls (and it certainly has it’s share) I don’t think it is a top destination to meet one on a short to medium term trip.

They will come back later with more people and more weapons. Whether or not Bangkok is a place you plan to spend any significant amount of time in, chances are you’re going to need to spend at least a night at the beginning and the end of your trip. It’s packed with bars, restaurants, cheap hotels and young tourists.

You can have a great time here while you figure out where you’re headed to next.

I think Thailand is a far better destination to bring a girl who’s company you enjoy that you met elsewhere! In order to explain why you will need to understand just how prevalent prostitution and sex tourism really is in Thailand.

To explain all the nuances I have a few recommended resources for you: 1.) Read the Wikipedia entry on bar girls and be sure you understand the concept of “bar fines”.

I feel like I could write a book based on my relatively short-lived experience in Thailand.

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