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Is my eye level normal I am 6'1" with an eye level of 5'9" exactly.Also what would you list me as if I was a celebrity.

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You firstly said average head is 9-9.2 inches long And then you say: In photos consider a 6ft male's head will look roughly near 9.5 inches if it isn't tilted up or down and is pretty level.

Why would a head of 9-9.2 inches could look 9.5 inches in pictures? [Editor Rob: athletes like basketballers might be measured within 1 hour or 2 of wakening, so they may not be at their low, possibly some even manage to shrink another half inch.

Softball, swimming, gym, anything that keeps me moving and sweating. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm open to talking with anyone but I have a soft spot for built black and Latin men. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking to meet penguin supporters. ), but I think being open minded to conversation, friendship or more is always a good place to start! About Me: "We must learn to set our course by the stars. Omar Bradley.) יליד חיפה Run an IT consulting firm specializing in medical/dental offices and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Like discussing world events, sports, strategy games (Settl...

Men tend to have bigger jaw areas than women, which adds a slight fraction to the length of the average male skulls.

An 8.75 skull is short for a male, but very typical average at least for a female.] said on 9/Nov/[email protected] I don't understand this.

I love my work, it is an exciting career that involves lots of travel. About Guys I Want To Meet: I like networking and making new friends with guys with similar passions.

[Editor Rob: for ladies and men, head sizes are on average a bit different, by a fraction.

Technically it would be the upper part of the line you read (if thick pencil mark), but with very thin pencil it's just the line.] said on 20/Jun/17Rob, when I measured 5 ft 8 3/4 earlier in the day my eyelevel when I hold a tape by me in a mirror it looked about a quarter inch or so over 5 ft 4 but when I look at a tape it seems smaller than that I know im more inclined to tilt my head down than up. said on 4/May/17Hey rob I'm about 168.5 cm out of bed in the morning and depending on the day, I shrink to about 167-166.5 cm at night. Also, would it be passable if I tell people that I'm 169 cm? In the morning I have 191,5 cm and when I go to bed in the night I can have 189(worst case) or 189,5-190 cm.

All the people think that I am very tall but that`s not true.

I have many varied interests so say hello and ask me anything you'd like to know about me. If you unlock your " adult" pics without basic conversation to see if there is any interest first, I will not respond. Been caught by the crossfit bug..looking for guys into same intense workout..... I like talking & getting to know people 3) I love sports (it's not a deal breaker if you don't) 4) I'm funny and love to crack jokes 5) I l...

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