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The NHS Students are making a significant and positive impact on the education and development of our littlest ghosts!National Honor Society Representatives (L-R) Skyler Mc Innes, Riley Knaack, Coletta Neumann, along with Advisor Mrs.

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The district ACP leadership team attends the annual Department of Public Instruction ACP conference and brings information back to staff via building ACP team meetings.

Building ACP teams provide building level leadership for staff in providing consistent supports to students and communicates changes regarding the scope and sequence of ACP related activities in the classroom.

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Vocal State Qualifiers Harmonia Jazz Choir: Anna Bauer (10), Nick Bauer (12), Deondre Benson(11), Alysa Chandler (11), Maya Corcoran (9), Haley Corcoran (12), Isaac Evers (12), Elizabeth Geoffrey (10), Matt Knick (11), Carson Long (12), Makayla Mac Donald (9), Aleksander Milanovic (12), Jordan Quandt (11), Nathan Raatz (11), Eva Rohloff (9), Allison Tomlinson (11), Jacob Van Asten (11), & Jason Van Zeeland (12) Duet Maya Corcoran (9) & Paige Hussin (9) Allison Tomlinson (11) & Jake Schattner (12) Trio Jordan Quandt (11), Lindsey Tews (11), Maggie Tienor (11) Quartet Jordan Quandt (11), Sam Rucynski (12), Lindsey Tews (11), & Maggie Tienor (11) Classical Solo Anna Bauer (10), Mauricio Bentley (12) Haley Corcoran (12) Carson Long (12) Aleksander Milanovic (12) Eva Rohloff (9) Jacob Van Asten (11) Jason Van Zeeland (12) Music Theatre Solo Haley Corcoran (12) Elizabeth Geoffrey (10) Carson Long (12) Aleksander Milanovic (12) Jacob Van Asten (11) Jason Van Zeeland (12) Piano Solo Jack Bruecker Jazz and Ensemble State Qualifiers Violin Solo Miranda Ashauer Violin Duet Miranda Ashauer and Nicole Hanson Flute Solo Allie Parsons Clarinet Solo Haley Ziegler Bass Clarinet Ian Voskuil-Mandel Alto Saxophone Jack Prodoehl Jason Van Zeeland Trombone Solo Tori Vandenberg Flute Duet Victoria Zurakowski and Hailey Fink Flute Clarinet Duet Veronica Micke and Krystina Derks Trombone Duet: Molly Ruffing and Tori Vandenberg Matt Niquette and Payton Ziegler Alto Saxophone Trio Sarah Hulvey, Chris West, Allie Parsons Saxophone Quartet Collin Wormet, Hailey Fink, Victoria Zurakowski, Chris West Brass Quintet Joseph Vande Hey, Rheann Hietpas, Elizabeth Diedrich, Molly Ruffing, Connor Judd Wind Ensemble Clarinet Choir Katelyn Heindel, Jaycie Glocke, Madison Fauske, Chris West, Sarah Hulvey, Elizabeth Smits, Mikayla Martin, Emily Remmenga, Payten Lynch, Mycenzie Zakowski, Ian Voskuil-Mandel Wind Ensemble Saxophone Choir Jacob Van Asten, Jason Van Zeeland, Vic Peters, Jordan Quandt, Madelyn Bain, Meghan Nyman, Noah Grinde, Emma Menting, Mc Kenzie Martin, Meg Lamers, Grace Bessey, Nick Goshek, Clay Huss, Justin Thiede, , Lily Hopfensperger, Alex Kappus, Chris West, Hailey Fink, Mikayla Martin Herd of Horns Natalie Kuehl, Elizabeth Diedrich, Lydia Mader, Jack Hatton, Kaitlyn Murphy, Joseph Vande Hey, Kayla Corbeille, Wind Ensemble Low Brass Ensemble Travis Gerrits, Matt Niquette, Payton Ziegler, Ian Jacobson, Molly Ruffing, Tori Vandenberg, Cole Steben, Issac Evers, Seth Kohlbeck, Tony Tessen, Noah Kamenick, Ana Alfaro, Anna Bauer, Grace Eggleston, Connor Judd, RJ Knaack, Nick Bauer, Rheann Hietpas, Natalie Kuehl, Lydia Mader, Elizabeth Diedrich, Jack Hatton, Sam Kobussen, Concert Band Trumpet Choir Alec Zwiers, Miller Austin, Keegan Knudsen, Kaden Johsnon-Garcia, Logan Fitzhugh, Wyatt Boucher, Isaiah Gonzalez-Martinez, Cole Chapman, Nolan Race, Alex Geider, Montana Lynd, Connor Drzewieki, Colin Van Deloo, Kaitlyn Murphy, Kayla Corbeille, Elizabeth Diedrich Jazz Band 1 Jason Van Zeeland, Jack Prodoehl, Blake Lund Jacob Van Asten, Justin Thiede, Collin Wormet, Clay Huss, Grace Bessey, Hailey Fink, Chris West, Joseph Vande Hey, Olivia Lamers, Alex Geider, Nathan Raatz, Wyatt Boucher, Jack Hatton, Elizabeth Diedrich, Rheann Hietpas, Tori Vandenberg, Molly Ruffing, Matt Niquette, Payton Ziegler, Issac Evers, NIck Bauer, Haydn Thon, Jacob Voster, Skyler Glaser, Travis Gerrits, Jack Bruecker, Natalie Kuehl, Cole Steben, Concert Band Polka Band Sara Grinde, Eliana Nowak, Krystina Derks, Hailey Ziegler, Alyce Van Den Wildenberg, Veronica Micke, Catie Fox, Vanessa Uitenbroek, Emma Momberg, Ella Hartjes, Autum Steenis, Kristen Van Dyke, Josephine Hinderman, Alexis Schmidt, Clare Cops, Josh Stillwell, Kayla Corbeille, Alex Geider, Nolan Race, Cole Chapman, Wyatt Boucher, Alec Zwiers, Bridget Hutchinson, Max Schneider, Charlie Bruecker, Peter Lison, Grace Robertson, Collin Wormet, Hatton, Laney Fox, Colin Van De Loo Wind Ensemble Polka Band Jaycie Glocke, Katelyn Heindel, Madison Fauske, Chris West, Sarah Hulvey, Elizabeth Smits, Cassey Eisch, Larz Holtz, Emily Remmenga, Payten Lynch, Mycenzie Zakowski, Victoria Zurakowski, Hailey Fink, Allie Parsons, Deondre Benson, Hannah Magnuson, Meg Lamers, Noah Grinde, Meghan Nyman, Madelyn Bain, Jordan Quandt, Vic Peters, Jason Van Zeeland, Lydia Mader, Elizabeth Diedrich, , Joseph Vande Hey, Olivia Lamers, Justin Thiede, , Clay Huss, Nick Goshek, Grace Bessey, Ana Alfaro, Tony Tessen, Tori Vandenberg, Molly Ruffing, Ian Jacobson, Payton Ziegler, Matt Niquette, Travis Gerrits, Grace Eggleston, Anna Bauer, NIck Bauer, RJ Knaack, Connor Judd, Sam Kobussen, Sam Brittnacher, Isaac Evers, Jack Hatton, Aaron Petkovsek, Rheann Hietpas, Grace Kobussen, Kayla Parkerson Congratulations to those students who will be moving on to compete at the State level!

Below, you'll find results for remaining students from the weekend.

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In addition, school counselors receive continual training on the new software used to support the ACP process and product: Career Cruising.

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