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I see on the website that she is mentioned in several reviews with poor remarks… I have stayed at better hotels for the rate that was charged. I have filed a lien on this property but that does not seem to help the situation of getting paid. Went to a posh hotel up the road and slept wonderfully knowing the room was bug free. This line of hotel chains is only out to get the consumers money. You bastards take advantage of people looking to get a good deal. You all should be ashamed of how you accomodate your fellow human being.

I had no choice but to stay there as my business had already paid for the room for me in order to attend a nearby conference. I think you need to do some changes/the needed updates not just the first impressions when you walk in, and maybe more people may stay and enjoy it. I know you cant do anything about this, but it hurts to know people can be work so hard and not get paid a penny. After numerous complaints, I received an email from the “GM” stating I would recieve a refund. You should be ashamed by the person who runs the hotel and fire him and the crappy cleaning staff. Reply I currently work as an office manager for a local auto shop, one where the owner does quite a bit of travel for work.

Six times they had to go to the desk for assistance because the key cards were not properly working.

Not to mention the condition of the rooms, which were deplorable, absolutely filthy and disgusting.

Actually, I did the exact same thing I have done previously and, on every reservation booking, was assured that I was participating in the program. I was told that the room is not ready and to come back at 3 pm. Trash can didnt have a bag and it was under the utensils. Reply I am a women small business owner of a electrical contracting business.

Essentially, that means that I was mislead several times and “upper management” had no authority to correct it. My company just finished a renovation at America’s Best Value Inn & Suites located at 9988 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452.

When she came back on the line, I was told that I was being transferred to the requested manager…expecting to speak to a live person, imagine my surprise when I was instead sent to voicemail.

I left a message and immediately called the corporate line.Reply Terrible experience at the Quality Suites on Turkey Lake Rd in Orlando. The towel rack was hanging off of the wall, caulk was missing.. I was charged a non-disclosed ” hotel service fee” a few days later, which the manager said that everyone is charged. After watching Undercover Boss I realized that I was in the wrong business!She failed to provide me a signed copy of my check out sheet. She actually told me to go ahead and call the better business bureau! I was also disappointed in no discount for military or senior rates. This Message if it gets back to Steve Joyce the CEO of Choice Hotels I would like for you to know that because the owner Anup Patel of this hotel did not pay us for work that was done has left me and my family without any income coming in also not to mention not being able to pay my employees.Reply I worked for he comfort inn and suits in greenwood sc and the owner/ general manager Mike Patel refuses to pay me for working. They are wires hanging out of walls that is a huge safety hazard because he refuses to spend the money to fix it.YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE DISGUSTING MAN RUINING YOUR BRAND! Will never recommend any of your 11 brand of hotels to anyone An will never stay in one ever again.Even the most basic hotels boast of having a clean room, which at over 0 per room before taxes, you would definitely expect.

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