world friends dating sites - Adults posing as teens in chatrooms

There are online chat sites that are exclusively intended for people looking to meet and have sex.Even if their intentions aren’t to eventually get together, online sex chat can become very explicit, making it inappropriate for teens.In either situation, things could become very dangerous, because the predator will likely eventually set up a time and place to meet your teen in person.

One possibility is if those whom your teen is chatting with begin to bully your son or daughter.

Many people don’t realize how real cyberbullying is, and that it happens on a regular basis.

Be sure that your son or daughter fully understands what cyberbullying is.

Give him or her specific examples of what cyberbullying is and encourage your teen to report any online behavior that makes him or her feel uncomfortable.

All it takes to become a user is a username, password and a picture.

These sites are not constantly monitored and information can be provided on how to reach users in the real world.What can you do to minimize the chances of cyberbullying happening with your teen?Again, monitoring your teen’s online activity is important. Bring up the topic of cyberbullying, and inform him or her that if he or she is ever the victim of it that a responsible adult should be notified, even if that adult isn’t you.If you are the parent of a teenager, then your teen likely uses the internet quite often.He or she also likely engages in online chat, at least on an occasional basis.Every situation is different, as sometimes a predator will pose as a teenager and after developing an online relationship with a teen, he or she will attempt to take advantage of your teen.

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