Affects of internet dating services

If someone exaggerates who they are in a profile they are not being honest and any relationship that stems from that will lack complete trust and honesty because of these small lies.

For example, if I lied and said that I was tall and blonde in my profile I would question the validity of others profiles because I lied in my own; if I lied about who I was, Im sure that other people lie a well.

This woman, though she wanted to believe that her lover was a man, was still worried that he might have lied about his gender and they were in a very serious relationship.

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The online realm isnt a different world; its a make-up of real people with real feelings.

The only difference is that its easier to lie about who we are because it isnt seen as a lie, its seen as protection.

For example, when filling out a profile for an online dating service most daters will exaggerate their positive attributes to make them more dateable (just as the woman above did).

This dual personality leads to trust issues in online relationships.

Whether your faith in online dating is lost based on previous experiences or because you dont take online dating seriously, lack of faith can lead to a lack of trust in an established relationship.

For example, if the last person you had an online relationship with turned out to be married you might be more wary in your next online relationship.The concept of fantasy is basically saying that online daters arent falling in love with each other; theyre falling in love with the idea of being in love.Barnes is not saying that online daters are desperate (the same thing happens off the net) but she is saying that the fantasy is more likely to happen.The first rule of safety according to Natalie Rosa of The Echo is to use an anonymous identity (Rosa, par. An anonymous identity is supposed to protect you from other people on the Internet that might be lying; lying has turned into an accepted behavior on the Internet.Lying happens so often on Internet dating services that Japan is considering a law that might minimize it.These different personalities that get created online are only able to survive because there is no accountability in the real world for what we do and say online.

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