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Sliding down to fifth place this week was surprisingly Erin Andrews and partner Maksim.The duo received a score of 39 for their tango with the judges feeling that Erin was payed too much attention to her technique, and not enough to the performance.”Kate also hit up last night, and slammed her brother’s claims that her kids are suffering psychological damage from being on television.

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Well for one, Chad has signed a deal with VH1 to stare in his own dating reality show, titled set to air later this year.

The couples will be dancing the rumba or tango dance tonight.

What’s more interesting is that Kate is not denying this story.

She appeared on yesterday, and when asked about possibly moving to LA, she simply said that she’s willing to move to wherever “work” is.

Coming in second this week for the 2nd week in a row was Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger who did a sensual rumba with Derek, earning 50 points.

Moving into third place this week was Pamela Anderson, earning a good 47 points for her steamy rumba with partner Damian.

Bruno called her dance a “mini breakthrough” and “a step in the right direction.”The full scores are below –Evan & Anna: 52 Nicole & Derek: 50 Pamela & Damien: 47 Chad & Cheryl: 44 Erin & Maks: 39 Jake & Chelsie: 38 Niecy & Louis: 36 Aiden & Edyta: 33 Kate & Tony: 32So who will be going home tonight?

Well according to our poll from yesterday, The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka and Aiden Turner are in danger, as they both received the least number of votes. It is week 4 of Dancing With The Stars, and the competition continues to get steep, as tonight will bring a different scoring format.

It’s a struggle to be here [in New York], to be anywhere.

The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them.”However that is not always possible according to Kate, “I have to work. And it’s a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I’m really feeling it now, and it’s really hard.”Now back to DWTS, Olympic skater Evan Lysacek took the lead once again by earning a high score of 52 points for his hot tango with partner Anna.

And it didn’t help that Chad gave Cheryl a ,000 ring last week, but according to Chad the ring was just a thank you gift to Cheryl for putting up with him.

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