dating before 1960 - Alaska homemade webcam

The values driving our business include a continued respect for our cultures, language and heritage, preserving ANCSA lands for future generations, responsibility and care of the environment, and providing empowering opportunities for our shareholders.

Be it maple-glazed salmon served on a bed of rice and locally-harvested sea asparagus, crab-stuffed halibut baked with finely sliced onions and garlic, battered and fried lingcod dipped in a homemade tartar sauce, or a pile of prawns grilled to perfection, you’ll find the locals eager to share the bounty of our oceans.

And, trust us: there is nothing—and we mean nothing—that compares to the taste of fresh-caught fish prepared within just hours of the catch.

On arrival back to town, our guides will lay out your fish at our fish cleaning station and help you determine which fish you want to eat and how to prepare it to best meet your culinary desires.

Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll run your fresh catch up to our chefs in the Alaska Fish House.

Pull up with your guide in one of our boats, and step ashore to meet our campsite host.

In just a few short minutes, we’ll quickly cook up a fresh bouillabaisse featuring your catch for you to enjoy by the comfort of a crackling beach fire, accompanied by beautiful views of the rainforest and the wild, rocky shoreline of our private beach.We want the meal to turn out as well as you do, so shoot us an email if you need any tips or tricks that aren't covered.Do you have family members at home hankering for a taste of wild-caught Alaskan fish?By the time, you’re done taking your raingear off, washing your hands, and getting back into your civilian clothes, we’ll have a private table ready for you in our rustic-style dining room, and an expertly prepared meal on its way.Once you’ve settled at your table, enjoy a cold, Alaskan brewed Denali beer or a glass of wine to accompany your meal, and give yourself the chance to relax into an authentic Southeast Alaskan dining experience.Enjoy the rare opportunity to have your fresh-caught fish served up to you on board as artisan fish tacos, complete with our killer Alaskan Fish House coleslaw as a side.

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