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First generation Algerian immigrants generally moved to France to make a better life for themselves and for their families if they had the proper resources.

Médine, a Franco-Algerian rapper, wrote an article detailing the his experience and that of his parents as Algerian immigrants.

This is a drop from 2.41 in 2009 and 7.12 in the 1970s just after the Algerian War of Independence from France Shortly after gaining independence from France, Algeria began to experience serious political turmoil eventually leading to the civil war of the 1990s that caused many Algerians to leave the country.

Hilton Simpson observed that the doctors of the tribe performed more advanced medical procedures such as surgeries in addition to herbal remedies and some more supernatural practices.

However, the surgeries could not be closely studied because French colonialists banned the practice in the 1800s.

Education, work commitment, and changing social attitudes are the reasons for the change.

In 2010, the total fertility rate was 1.76 children born/woman.

Bans ultimately resulted in medicine becoming a very secretive ritual.

The legal age for marriage is eighteen for women, twenty-one for men.[5] Many Algerian women are getting married and starting families at much older ages than they did under French Rule.

Though most immigrants to France came from urban areas in Algeria, many of those people were pulled away from their original communities in more remote parts of Algeria.

In the rural areas where surviving tribes lived, the traditional roles of males and females were quite different from those in the cities.

On 29 June 1992, Mohammed Boudiaf was assassinated by a body guard with supposed Islamic ties—this incited much more violence and the formation of the Armed Islamic Group.

Many changes in power occur and violence from many groups, especially the Armed Islamic Group and the Berbers, continues today.

Hilton-Simpson found interesting medical practices among the tribes that survived the French colonized Algeria.

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