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While the annals provide a considerable amount of information, they are generally terse, and most focus their attention on the doings of the Uí Néill and of churchmen.In addition to the annals, a large number of genealogies survive, along with geographical and legal texts, poetry, sagas and hagiography.The first part of the period from 800 to 1014 is well-studied; the "Viking age" has attracted the interest of historians for quite some time. In the words of Sean Duffy, this period has – historiographically speaking – fallen between two stools.

The Annals of Clonmacnoise survive only in an eccentric 17th-century English translation, and the Annals of Tigernach for this period are lost with Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh's abbreviated copy known as the Chronicon Scotorum supplying only part of the missing material.

The Annals of the Four Masters are late, and include some material of doubtful origin.

Brian's descendants failed to maintain a unified throne, and regional squabbling over territory led indirectly to the invasion of the Normans under Richard de Clare in 1169.

Due to the rich amount of written sources, the study of Irish history 800–1169 has, to a large extent, focused on gathering, interpretation and textual criticism of these.

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The history of Ireland 800–1169 covers the period in the history of Ireland from the first Viking raids to the Norman invasion.

The monasteries played an important part in society, not just with regards to religious and cultural life, but also to economy and politics.

Christianization had begun in the 5th century, and by the early 9th century the island was almost entirely Christian.

Only a hundred years after Mainistrech, Gerald of Wales described the Irish society in his Topographia Hibernica as utterly primitive and savage.

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