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They stayed pretty late until the restaurant was clearing out,” a witness told the Daily Mail.

Mayer and the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer, 28, have been linked since last June shortly after her divorce from Russell Brand.

One of the “Girls” is about to become a married woman.

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Though Williams is very successful in her career as an actress, she said she’d give it all up in a heartbeat to have kids with Van Veen. Read on for the facts on the couple’s engagement, Van Veen’s successes, and more.

Van Veen co-founded College with Josh Abramson in 1999.

Notional would not be funded by IAC/Inter Active Corp.

Van Veen would be mentored by Barry Diller, who is the Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC/Inter Active Corp.

But Mayer and Williams were spied leaving the event and heading to grab some food in the West Village’s trendy El Toro Blanco, where they were joined by another gentleman.

“They seemed to be in an intense conversation the entire night.The daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams and the founder of website College Humor have been dating for three years.Life & Style reported in January that the Internet entrepreneur was eager to propose and had picked out a ring, but had yet to get a blessing from Williams’ dad.The two attended an intimate event for the fashion store American Two Shot where an onlooker told the British tabloid that, “John had his arm around Allison’s waist.They talked for a bit before leaving.” It may have been more innocent than it appeared: Mayer and Williams are friends with each other’s respective lovers. Williams, 27, and Van Veen, 34, had been dating for three years when they announced their engagement back in February.

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