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Some couples are given more complex portmanteaux; on (How I Met Your Mother), the pairing of Barney and Robin is referred to as "BROTP", incorporating their initials, their platonic status as "bros", and the popular fandom term OTP ("One True Pairing"). Gabay said portmanteaux "...giv[e] people an essence of who they are within the same name.

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Said to be a sign of commitment and togetherness, meshing is also seen by some as an attempt to banish what might be considered a "sexist" tradition of a woman taking her husband's name when she marries.

In other Internet trends, fans often take part in making fan videos (also referred to as fanvids, a compilation of favorite scenes stylishly intercut as music videos or other various forms of entertainment) and writing fanfiction (alternative endings and stories to the original story's outcome) for their favorite pairings.

This is a strategy that often succeeds within the medium.

A supercouple storyline is typically detailed by the couple's facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, such as a difference in social class, strong family interference, simple disagreements, marriages to other people, children with other people, etc.

Former One Life to Live co-head writer Josh Griffith said that the key to a show's success is "passionate, romantic storytelling and pairings, and that's what creates a supercouple". From 1970 until 1976, Doug and Julie's relationship wavers between love and hate.

The chemistry the portrayers exhibited became evident offscreen; the real-life couple, Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth, were married in 1974.

Meshing says 'I am you and you are me', which is rather romantic".

Occasionally, even anti-fans come up with names for couples, such as General Hospital's Sonny Corinthos and Emily Quartermaine.

Every time they walk into a room, every other character, no matter how important, becomes window dressing, I've never believed in it." Corday added, "Either people are involved in a good story or they're not.

They're an interesting couple or they're not." Fans often use portmanteaux to refer to their favorite couples on online message boards, a significant aspect of the "shipping fandom".

and as ideals, supercouples bring closure to a relationship in a world that is based in continuing expectations of change.

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