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9) PASIPHAE – the wife of 'ancient' Cretan King Minos [RI], ch.2.

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2) VASHTI – the 'ancient' queen, the wife of the King Artaxerxes of Persia, later she was pushed aside by Esther [6v].

3) STATEIRA – the first wife of Artaxerxes II Mnemon, allegedly a 'grandson' of King Artaxerxes Makrocheir of Persia. 4) CATHERINE DE MEDICI – the famous Queen consort of the 'French' King Henry II, pushed aside by Diane de Poitiers, XVI century [7v1].

7)SUSANNA – Biblical beauty, whose honour was besmirched by the two old judges. 9)DIANE DE POITIERS, the former Countess de Brézé, the wife of the Grand Sénéchal of Normandy and later – the infamous lover of Henry II, who 'pushed aside' Catherine de Medici [7v1].

Described in the Old Testament Book of Daniel [6v]. 10)MARY STUART – well-known Queen of Scotland (1542-1587)[7v1].

13)ISTAR = ISHTAR (ASTARTE) – THE 'Ancient' Babylonian goddess, allegedly the third millennia BC [KAZ], ch.1.

14)SUKANYA – the ' Ancient' Indian princess, the honour of which was attempted by the two demigods Ashwini Kumaras.

'Either Seven or six wives of Ivan the Terrible' (Anastasia Zakharyina Romanova; Princess Kucenej, who after her baptism into the Russian Orthodox Christianity, took the name of Maria; Marfa Sobakina; Anna Koltovskaya; Anna Vasilchikova; Vasilisa Melentyeva; Maria Dolgorukaya; Maria Nagaya) are: ONE wife of Ivan IV the Terrible – Anastasia Romanova, b) THREE wives of his son Ivan Ivanovich, c) ONE wife of Czar Fedor – Irina Godunova, d) ONE or TWO wives of Khan Simeon-Ivan.

The following characters are the phantom reflections: 1) SOFIA PALAIOLOGINA – the wife of Ivan III the Terrible, pushed aside by Elena Voloshanka [6v].

Zuleika is a character from the Arabic and Persian Epic Literature [PE], ch.5.

21)AGRIPPINA (partial) – mother of Roman Emperor Nero – the reflection of Elena Glinskaya, mother of Ivan the Terrible. 22)POPPAEA SABINA – 'Ancient' Roman noble woman, who pushed aside Octavia, the lawful wife of Emperor Nero (Ivan the Terrible) [RI), ch.2.

ELENA STEFANOVNA VOLOSHANKA – wife of Czarevich Ivan the Young, son of Czar Ivan III the Terrible [6v].

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