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If tin doesn’t appeal, the modern-day gift to give after 10 years is a piece of diamond jewellery, while the traditional gemstone for a decade of wedlock is black onyx.Reaching quarter of a century of marriage deserves a precious metal in its honour, and silver lends itself well to gift ideas.

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Tin is not the most inspiring of materials for a gift, especially one that marks 10 years of marriage, and to achieve the desired result you may have to get a little creative.

While a tin of chocolates or sweets is a good starter, it’s not very lavish for a milestone anniversary.

Think about all the things you can put in a tin – jewellery, candles, engraved champagne glasses, a special book, tickets…there are many options.

It’s also possible to find beautiful jewellery made from tin and you can have it engraved for that personal touch.

The meanings on the flower list follow the meanings of the flowers, and they are beautiful.

Mix the lists up to find the perfect gift for your loved one each year, or set yourself the challenge of sticking with one list for every year.

And don't miss the sweet custom wall art gift ideas that commemorate that special day.

Just like there are lots of anniversary lists, there are also lots of anniversary meanings.

You could arrange to have professional photographs taken of your family and present them to your partner in customised silver picture frames, for example.

Additionally, you can buy personalised silver-label champagne and serve it in silver champagne flutes as you enjoy a romantic evening together.

Wood requires a bit of ‘thinking outside of the box’.

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