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“Instead the movie people asked if I had a picture,” Levi reports.

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ET) sends them undercover in a bowling alley, and we know what they’re doing: posing as a couple to solve a murder. Previewing the season finale for EW, Deschanel poked fun at her look: ”I’m kinda like the missing member of Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister,” she laughed.

Is tonight the night they finally become a couple, or are our minds just in the gutter? Spoilerphobes, we’d recommend NOT reading the comments on this post, just to be safe.

Word is, he's playing a priest who may or may not be the one officiating the actual ceremony between Bones (Emily) and Booth (David Boreanaz). Here's hoping the priest doesn't break up the wedding!

Boreanaz hinted at this very real-life twist at the Fox Eco Casino Party in Santa Monica on Monday night, telling me: "It's exciting because we have some great guests. We don't actually know who may be marrying the two of us.

The stars praised his naturalness, but Jane Knebel, Levi’s mom, thought he might have something else in his favor.

“Levi looks more like Sam Shepard than he does his own father,” she says.We’ll be chatting with executive producer Stephen Nathan after the finale airs on the East Coast, so post your questions for him here by p.m. Read more: Vincent’s ‘Bones’ death: The actor speaks!star's real-life sister Zooey Deschanel will be reprising her role as Emily's character's cousin for the big wedding episode, E! Zooey is too busy shooting that little show of hers called )!Levi’s blue-green eyes fairly glow at the memory: “Sam throws open the barn door, pushes me into some sheep, then picks me up and throws me again.” Numerous takes were required.The last one landed Levi at the local chiropractor’s office.Deschanel is a vegan and a committed supporter of animal rights causes.

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