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So that's going to play heavy the first couple of episodes.Some strong actions are going to be taken by Severide and it's going to play a big part of the first chunk of the season.Also, the finale ended with a big cliffhanger for Severide and the Kidd character.

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So when we thought about pairing her with Brett on the ambulance, we just knew that that had to be a Dawson-originated decision and not something that's forced upon her because she's the kind of woman that does not allow things to be forced upon her.

So, as writers, the challenge was, how can we accomplish this but make it all Dawson's choice? But why, as writers, did you want to move her back to that position at this point?

Derek, you tweeted that Dawson's parents will be introduced. Brandt: Well, Dawson comes from a very strong and a big family, and her parents have a party every year where they renew their vows and let's just say things don't go off quite as everybody expects.

It sends the family into a fun version of turmoil which affects everybody in the house, but that's later on down the line of the first half of the season.

While not wanting to give anything away, we really would like to try and find that dynamic again and Dawson as paramedic is interesting and if the fans want to read into this there's actually a rule in the Chicago Fire Department that two people that are married cannot be on the same truck together.

So I'm not saying they're getting married, but that is a rule.One of the first gestures in the first episode is Severide comes to them and says, "You guys took me in when I was on my ass. " So they're going to be a family in what was formerly Casey and Severide's apartment and that's a nice symbol of where they're going this season.Dawson really struggled with the dangers of being a firefighter at the end of last season and now she is a foster parent.Brandt: Yeah, we're picking up kind of where we left off last year.We're not jumping ahead so we're going to have to deal with Grant being out of the hospital and a little unhinged and not happy about Severide and Kidd's relationship.The two also now have their feet firmly planted in television, as exec producers of the ever-expanding Chicago franchise that also includes about plans for the 100th episode, "more resolution" ahead for Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Casey (Jesse Spencer), the next step for Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) coming out of that finale cliffhanger and more.

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