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Derek and Julianne Hough and Maria Menounos celebrated Thanksgiving once again by competing in “Dance Wars,” and joining them this year with some fancy moves were Mark Ballas and his “Dancing With The Stars” partner Sadie Robertson.

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It is revealed in her interview today with Maria Menounos, who is all over the place these days. It was a very tough courtship because of some really hard obstacles.

Wendy was all eye rolls and “sister please” looks when Maria went on and on about loving the ABC reality show that’s slipping in the ratings these days. Patrick’s Day, “Extra” co-host, Maria Menounos visited “The Wendy Williams Show” today to talk long term dating, saving her father’s life, reporting negative news and why breaking bones on Dancing with the Stars with pro partner Derek Hough was a career highlight for her. And we talked about it on the show and you’ll see why it was kind of a really sad time. But I feel like if we were married, some of those tough times, you would’ve been like ‘I’m stuck, I’m married now’. So it’s kind of a weird thing.” In her new reality show, “Chasing Maria” that leads into Wendy’s new show “Celebrities Undercover” Tuesday nights on Oxygen from 10pm, we learn that Maria’s parents live with her, her partner of 15 years and his best friend.

There were many rumors swirling about the two and that may have made Undergaro a little insecure. Undergaro is co-creator of After Buzz TV with Menounos, which is an online broadcasting network that provides after shows for over 200 series.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Stern asked him if he’d ever been jealous or wondered about fidelity in his relationship with Menounos and he said: Out of all of them? The network has risen to an audience of 20 million a week in more than 100 countries.

After a devastating back injury left Katherine Jenkins in tears on "Dancing With the Stars" this week, many thought the opera singer would be eliminated in the semi-finals round. Only three points separated the top of the leaderboard -- Maria and her partner Derek Hough with 59 -- from the bottom -- Katherine and her partner Mark Ballas with 56.

But, in a shocking twist, after many counted former frontrunner Katherine out, the audiences' votes saved her.

Mark Ballas and his Dancing With The Stars partner Sadie Robertson joined in (accompanied by other Duck Dynasty family members).

And so did Kate Hudson (with mom Goldie Hawn behind the camera), even getting Kurt Russell in on the dancing act!

Then, like a harsh Band-Aid rip, Maria was announced as the eliminated contestant.

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