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Sadly, due to the fact that men and women are different in the biological sense, there are a simple things that we each do that can easily drive a partner away instead of keeping them close as we wished for. You may even be completely in shock as to why it ended in the first place. Break ups can be really devastating and can take a toll on someone.

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A person who lacks experience in relationships or who cannot get another partner will often get lonely and get back with their ex for the convenience.

This is totally wrong because the same issues will rise again and the same script will follow.

For some, it has taken up two to three times before they became successful.

Therefore, do not waste time with the no contact rule.

When a woman does not hear from her ex, she will normally call to check if he still wants to be with her. On the phone, you have to shock her in a positive way and make her feel happy and curious to meet up.

Studies carried out by social scientists as well as psychologists, 70-90% of communication carried out between two humans is comprised of tonality as well as body language.

Moreover, you can plan to meet with them ‘one last time’ (not necessarily the last) and the re-attract them at the meet up.

This technique has been proven to work for most of the people.

You slowly turn out to be an emotional wreck if you truly loved that person.

This can really be overwhelming and one ends up being emotionally drained.

Therefore, sending a text to your ex, she has to guess the tone which you are using, what body language would be like and lastly how you would be feeling at the time if you were saying those words in person.

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