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It is not often that when a woman breaks up with a guy that she will tell him the real reason. Since the beginning of history, women have been hurt and even been killed for breaking up with a men.Ladies usually have natural instincts to let a guy down softly.You slowly turn out to be an emotional wreck if you truly loved that person.

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It takes one a little effort to understand what their part is thinking and what they want in that relationship.

Sadly we see all this when it is too late and they are gone.

You will never get your ex back if you have not changed yourself or fixed the issues that you had.

This will go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful union. Therefore, no matter how much your partner tries to make you feel jealous or how insecure you are, do not show it at all. Partners, in this case women are attracted to confidence while insecurity and jealousy turns them off.

It does not really matter whether she/he has blocked you in any of them.

Just contact them via any medium that is available.

Sadly, due to the fact that men and women are different in the biological sense, there are a simple things that we each do that can easily drive a partner away instead of keeping them close as we wished for. You may even be completely in shock as to why it ended in the first place. Break ups can be really devastating and can take a toll on someone.

Regardless of how a relationship ends, all break up result into one thing, emotional distress.

You have to know that you are better than any person they have met.

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