Ashanti who is she dating 2016

us f****** is very emotional on both ends." To that, Ashanti said nothing ... Hurd also laid into Ashanti about her provocative concerts, saying, "You do lap dances for your performances, correct?

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She tweeted: The twosome have been e-flirting on social media in the past month and now it looks like it’s almost official.

Ashanti spoke up regarding her relationship with famous rapper Nelly, which spanned for a decade.

She added that she needed to grow and accept responsibilities since then.

She also shared that it is important for people to get to know themselves first and what they want.

In 2009, Hurd was convicted of stalking and aggravated harassment after Ashanti’s mother and sister received several lewd messages from him.

Hurd was able to complete the two-year sentence by 2012, but violated an order mandating him to stay away from Ashanti and her family in 2013.

He sent Ashanti some sexually explicit messages through Twitter and was indicted on aggravated harassment and stalking charges.

After a mistrial on Dec 14, he was charged with additional felony and misdemeanor cases on Feb 15.

He singer said that the relationship ended over trust issues.

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