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My parents were along for the ride—they had paid an additional 0 to sit 20 feet away and watch me do it. I soon found I was one of the youngest there—though at 24, I’m bordering on “too old” for marriage, according to some members of my family. We waited because we didn’t have a choice—even after everyone arrived, the female-to-male ratio approached 4 to 1. Not only was I speed dating, I looked like the weirdest person there.

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Working with a boy on a school project always required an explanation.

If a male voice ever called the house, my parents would pick up the phone in the middle of the conversation (I could hear the click).

Our parents and religious leaders have set the boundaries but have failed to give us any practical guidance on how to follow them.

When we are finally let out on a short leash to begin finding spouses, the pressure can be too much to handle.

Once, I rode with a friend to a co-ed birthday party at a TGI Friday’s.

When I came home, my dad told me he had followed me in his car.In our quest to resist temptation and remain pious, our community has left its youth confused and unsure about how to approach the opposite sex.Some have dated behind our parents’ backs and moved far away from our cultural and religious roots, while others have abstained entirely and missed out on some important socialization.Park 51 was supposed to be a 13-story community center featuring cultural programming, classes, and a fitness center. But after several romantic disappointments and increased parental pressures, I’m beginning to accept that life would be better if I could find a culturally compatible mate.Right now, it’s an undeveloped, mostly-abandoned building with no signage located on a deserted street most known for its proximity to the Amish Market. It’s not the only option, but it’s the one that would ensure a harmonious relationship between my parents and myself.As British Muslims ourselves we understand the significance of the identity and heritage we share.

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