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A new Constitution produced by an inter-party parliamentary committee agreed by Zanu PF and MDC negotiators before a referendum in 2013 curbed presidential powers by requiring the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) – a panel of mostly senior judges and lawyers – to conduct public interviews for the post of chief justice, reflecting Mugabe’s whittled down authority under the new Constitution.

A University of Zimbabwe law student approached the High Court to stop the JSC interviews, arguing the process was flawed, citing an “incestuous relationship” between the candidates and the interviewing panel.

“If next time, they are not in power and some other political party comes in and thinks that they must amend, the Constitution allows them to amend – but for now we are amending, because we feel it must be amended.” Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an alliance of 300 civic groups, has said “this shameless action” will open a floodgate of many amendments to the Constitution by the government and said the Bill is one of the clauses that were rejected during the Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac)-led constitution-making process in 2012 regarding executive appointments.

“In the face of impending elections in 2018, the amendment strengthens the establishment of competitive authoritarianism and marks an end to the principle of separation of powers, as the judicial arm becomes subjected to presidential control reminiscent of the Lancaster House Constitution,” said the coalition, which groups various rights organisations.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s former advisor and constitutional law expert Alex Magaisa has said Zanu PF must not be allowed to get a two-thirds majority in the 2018 election.

It risks placing Mugabe above the law, a reversal of the gains made in the 2013 Constitution that markedly whittled down the power of the president.

Formation and Internal Relations of General Partnerships.

Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.

“This is why a key battle ground in next year’s elections is over the two thirds parliamentary majority,” Magaisa said.

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