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North says she never saw it coming and quickly moved out of the couple's home."It went downhill in a matter of two months," she explains.

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Austin cuckold dating

When James found a polyamorous speed-dating event on, they gave it a try.

"We ended up going and met some really nice people whom we're still friends with today," he says.

"Looking for everything from one person might have been a model that worked in the past, but open marriages are kind of an evolved way of looking at marriages going forward," she says. Hall Pass Horror Reality TV star Toya Wright appeared on Bravo's Untying the Knot and admitted she gave her husband, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright, an "eight-day hall pass" from their marriage to have outside sexual encounters.

Commenters on ESSENCE's Facebook page called her decision everything from "dumb" and "weak" to proof that Toya lacked self-esteem.

"People want something new and fresh and hot," he says.

"What happens between two consenting adults is their business.These days, James and Sheila live a fully polyamorous lifestyle, with both dating other people.Many would question their choice, but the Martins say consensual nonmonogamy has strengthened their bond.While most women feel monogamy is nonnegotiable in marriage, a number of couples are pushing the boundaries of what we expect for wedded bliss.Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique has been vocal in the past about how having additional sexual partners would not break up her union with her best friend and husband, Sidney Hicks."When you're best friends, you can have open and honest conversations," she said in an interview with

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