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So many things had changed, like which carrier was best for babies’ legs, and the removal of drop-side cribs and bumpers.

Since there are others that I am sure are currently researching baby registries or wondering what the differences are between those that are available, I wanted to share a few great things about the Babies “R” Us registry.

Returns are easy too because they can be done at a physical store up to a year after the baby’s arrival date.

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Babies “R” Us is perhaps the most well known of baby stores and it carries a wide variety of things that someone would need for their little ones.

The registry comes with a few great perks, including a Price Match Discount.

Babykey is a game keyboard simulator for learning the keyboard for gaming.

You play as a cute cat who decided to learn the letters.

They will walk you through the registry process so it’s quick and easy to create a registry.

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