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Some couples are able to navigate their differences and come to an at least somewhat happy arrangement, but others can't seem to agree on, well, anything. ) divorce lawyers have seen everything from wives sleeping with their students to nosy, bossy father-in-laws interfering in a marriage.

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The husband used his portion of the profits, nearly $2 million, on his girlfriend.

His wife found out." I represented a longtime friend in a child custody dispute full of contentious strife and bitter feelings.

When further pressed for who the biological father was, she said 'Some guy.' 'Well, what was his name? ' 'I don't know his last name.' Of course we demanded a DNA test, and of course it came back positive.

I called the mom's attorney and said, 'So, I'm calling about our immaculate conception case!

She was actually arrested for smoking pot and sleeping with this high school football player and charged with statutory rape.

The wife and student had texted frequently for a 17-day period, and it was the football star's teenage girlfriend that hacked into his Facebook to reveal the affair.

Since she wouldn't agree to settle, we had to go to trial even though it was a clear-cut case.

In court, the mom admitted that she never saw the children and that she sent threatening messages to the dad, and then went on to threaten me in open court.

My friend, a deeply religious woman, was devastated.

During our preparation for the case, we had determined that the judge was Jewish, so we were quick to bring the father's actions to his honor's attention, and not only was the ex-husband not able to have a seder marking Passover with the child, but he ended up being thrown into jail by the judge for five days!

It lifted her spirits and boosted her confidence tremendously.

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