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Jeff Any speculation as to when a Transition Barling Sandblast 5109, described as having a hand cut stem would have been made? Was wondering if it would have been phase 1 or 2 of the transition, or how to tell? At the price paid I fear the worse, but hoping it's a good smoke.

Scott, According to my Dunhill & Barling General information and dating guide: Pre-Transition, except for the Guinea Grain with Script nomenclature, all markings are 3 numbers with block letters "Barling's Make".

The worst smoker has been a panel billiard, and it's gotten more tolerable with time. I've seen some surprisingly good deals on e-Bay recently.

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A good condition pre-trans can be several hundred, and flaws decrease accordingly. Some were from pieces that were started (in production) and finished after the sale, which causes some confusing/contradicting stampings (some trans some pre-trans).

There again, I find a LOT of pipes are worth the price paid, as long as the price paid is the right price for what they're worth .............. lol Well, I managed to snipe this particular pre-trans "Ye Olde Wood" for the modest sum of $ 80.

I trust that it has not been smoked much because it's still light-colored. I've only owned a few Barling's, but none has been a bad smoker.

Two have been incredible...a Canadian and a Bulldog. Jeff Jeff, Good for you,that was an extremely good price for a pre-trans.

Jeff I seem to have somewhat answered my own question with a visit to one of the recommended sites. If the pictures tell the story accurately, I'm a lucky guy. Jeff Barlings did have a ' Londoner' in post-trans at least. Some had really nice grains, but alot of minor flaws such as sand pits and fills.

I decent enough smoke tho for less than 40 bucks IMHO, sometimes a lot less.Pretty sure it is from the transition, but hoping it's Phase I.I should have it in a couple of days and can then nail it down.I smoked two bowls in it, and I could immediately tell why the pre-trans Barling gets so many raves. I will definitely try to add more of these to my collection. Heretofore, I'd been led to believe that the inscription of four numerals was a giveaway that a Barling was NOT pre-trans.Jeff Jeff, According to my Dunhill & Barling General information and dating guide: Listed among the Pre-Transition "Variations" is Ye Olde Wood Special. Incidentally, the one I have does have the "EXEXCEL" inscription. I am not so sure about the period Londoner pipes were made. When this company was purchased by Barling - I do not know the date - some of its brands continued being produced by Barling. About Barling in general the best information I know are: -"Mysterious Barlings", Tad Gage, Pipes and Tobaccos, Sping 2000; - - smoking Jos Manuel Lopes, Lisbon (Portugal) Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but have been pipe smoking since 1971. product_id=14666 Jeff I have now purchased a pre-trans "Ye Olde Wood" in an e-bay auction.

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