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Listed under "Variations" is the exception for Specials with 4 numbers.Edited 9/29/05: I have seen Pre-Transition Barling models listed with 4 numbers on Mel Feldman's website. More Barling Barling-Mostly all pipes have 4 numerals.I received this pipe yesterday afternoon, and, to my surprise, it had been completely re-conditioned.

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BBB: " Best British Briar" is now a brand of the Cadogan Company (Oppenheimer group).

American rights to use the brand name were sold to Wally Frank in 1980. The oldest pipe brand name in the UK has been registered in 1876 (Blumfeld Best Briar) Grading (ascendant): Own Make, Bold Grain, Best Make, Rare Grain Sir Morell Mackenzie (1837-1892) was a British physician, one of the pioneers of laryngology in the United Kingdom.

Transitional-Phase 2 Nomenclature is different-Script: Barling--BBB factory Exexel is called King. Hello Melvin, Your information should help a bunch, thanks!

I don't have the pipe yet, and the pictures don't show the markings.

Jeff I seem to have somewhat answered my own question with a visit to one of the recommended sites. If the pictures tell the story accurately, I'm a lucky guy. Jeff Barlings did have a ' Londoner' in post-trans at least. Some had really nice grains, but alot of minor flaws such as sand pits and fills.

I decent enough smoke tho for less than 40 bucks IMHO, sometimes a lot less.However, there is also a reference to Specials having 4 numerals. I wonder if there's a listing anywhere of the pre-trans shapes by number ? F LONDON ENGLAND Barling (in script) LONDON ENGLAND (under the Barling is very hard to read small block. It has the remenants of the crossed Barling patern on the stem, but the coloring is warn off.Also, as in the case of Dunhills and Charatans, does the first numeral indicate size ? To me it looks like Transition Phase II period, it's a Sandblast Billiard. I'm sure about the ENGLAND, not about the LONDON. It's a nice looking pipe, and I'm hoping it's a decent smoke.It's larger than my Group 5 Dunhill, and larger than my Group 4 Charatan.Thankfully, it's not quite as huge as the Dunhill Group 6 billiard which I traded away (too big for my taste).Charlie, Will do as soon as I get it and sanitize it. This is only the second estate pipe I've bought on e-Bay.

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