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Do you have trouble deciding what to eat when you go out to restaurants? What about bigger life decisions, like what to do for work or where you want to live?If so, your pickiness when it comes to dating might have less to do with having high standards in terms of potential partners and more to do with an overall difficulty making decisions or knowing what you want. Dreaming about the future and the way dates might turn out is part of the fun and helps us stay motivated and optimistic. It might seem counterintuitive, but this kind of thinking can create pressure that actually makes us even pickier.But she'll happily justify it.“I’m very picky, not because I am shallow but because I know my self-worth and I know what qualities I need in a partner,” the on-screen bride told the .

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Just like so many things in life, it pays to be picky about certain things when it comes to relationships.“Again, this comes back to values, the things that define you, and the life you want to live,” Mel explains.

“It might be family, health, adventure, integrity - the things that represent where you’re really going in life.

Nobody likes dealing with unsolicited advice or over-sharing.

We each have our own pattern that we fall into when it comes to dating.

To take some of the pressure off, it can be helpful to think about all the other things we can get out of dating– a fun night out, a new friend or connection, brushing up on our dating skills, and yes, even trying a new coffee shop, restaurant, or bar.

You never know, if things don’t work out between the two of you, you’re still expanding your social network and they might be willing to introduce you to someone else.

Standards, on the other hand, are more closely tied to the things you value in life that you expect to be echoed in your relationships.“For example,” Mel adds, “If you highly value health, dating someone who wants to sit on the couch all day and eat takeaway food is probably not going to work for you.

So this is an important consideration to consider.”’s Davina openly admits she’s got a strict wishlist when it comes to dating.

“It would never work on the long run.” “It would be a great fling but he’s obviously not willing to settle down.” Sure, sometimes our intuition is spot on but it’s easy to convince ourselves that we know how things will turn out—but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Truth is, we’re not all that great at predicting the future (but we’re really good at convincing ourselves that we are).

Believe it or not, thinking someone is out of your league can also be a kind of pickiness. We don’t have to worry about feeling hurt or rejected when we’re the one who’s saying no.

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