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And some members of other ethnicities and races have responded by seeking fellowship elsewhere.But senior Heather Brent, one of a scattering of white students at the year-end celebration at Warren Hall this month, said she learned about herself by joining the multiethnic fellowship.With this shift has come the realization by college ministries that faith is not always colorblind -- no matter the Christian ideal -- and that they should tailor their outreach to different communities instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Berkeley christian dating

Tomikawa said the group has tried to diversify its staff, hoping to make prospective members from all ethnic backgrounds feel welcome.

But as students recruit their friends to join, many evangelical groups have found they are continuing to attract a disproportionately Asian American membership, he and others said.

"You receive the blessing before you've done anything good," De Leon said.

"Despite anything bad that you have done." Through Cal's Inter Varsity, 20-year-old Jianni Xin said she has explored her ethnic identity as an Asian American Christian.

Christie Heller De Leon explained the pressure of parental expectations in a speech at Inter Varsity's most recent Asian American conference, held the same weekend as ethnic-specific get-togethers for black, Latino, multiracial and white students in Northern California.

"Our parents have been dreaming about us since we were in the womb," said De Leon, a Filipina and a staff leader at UC Davis. Yet sometimes the dream is so specific it feels like a script, handed down, ready for us, already written and ready for us to step into the role." God's love is different, they say. JPG Asian Americans have become a dominant force in campus evangelical groups at UC Berkeley.One of Intervarsity Christian's "ethnic identity" religious discussion groups meets at Canterbury House near the Cal campus. JPG Asian Americans have become a dominant force in campus evangelical groups at UC Berkeley."It took a long time for me, learning what it means to be white and about white privilege.I grew up thinking you should be colorblind," Brent said."Now, I think, 'Be educated on who you are.' " Evangelical groups have consistently appealed to Asian Americans because Asians often share common values, despite coming from different ethnicities, said Russell Jeung, an assistant professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University.

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