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My sources tell me that Sony offered to let Nikon use the 42mp sensor at the heart of the Sony A7R2 and now A7R3, but Nikon decided to go with their own design. The good news is that this sensor is indeed state-of-the-art.

In almost any form of testing, it maxes out what we've seen from any high pixel count full frame sensor to date.

And, in the case of the Amadou Diallo killing in 1999, it is why four policemen incorrectly thin-sliced a situation and wound up killing an innocent man by mistake.

The key technology in the D850 sensor is BSI (backside illumination) with copper piping.

The BSI means that the full photosite is responding to light, while the BSI coupled with the copper wiring allows the sensor to offload massive amounts of data quickly without introducing more noise.

After his bestselling book brought the phrase "tipping point" into popular usage, which is that moment when an idea, product or concept suddenly catches fire with the population at large, Malcolm Gladwell now gives us two more phrases that are likely to become equally well-known: "blink" and "thin-slicing."We "blink" when we think without thinking. A researcher tells the story of a firefighter in Cleveland who answered a routine call with his men.

We do that by "thin-slicing," using limited information to come to our conclusion. It was in the back of a one-and-a-half story house in a residential neighborhood in the kitchen.

It took well over two hours of questioning for the fire lieutenant to piece together how he knew to get out.

(First, the fire didn't respond as it was supposed to; second, the fire was abnormally hot; third, it was quiet when it should have been noisier given the heat.)One take-away from the book is that how we blink is a function of our experiences, training, and knowledge.

The first group had exhaustively studied and analyzed the statue. The fire had been in the basement, not the kitchen as it appeared.

Members of the second took one look --- "blinked" --- and declared it suspect and ultimately a forgery. When asked how he knew to get out, the fireman thought it was ESP, which of course it wasn't.

For example, prejudice is so unconsciously woven into our society that, despite our best intentions, at an unconscious level it can lead to really bad blinks.

This is partly why tall people are frequently seen as natural leaders when there is no basis in reality for that belief.

This is an echo of the D800 launch, when it took six months before all the pre-orders were actually shipped.

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