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One of the best things to do if caught in a rip is float; it's thrashing about trying to swim that causes problems.

He recently saw a man having a mad panic - in waist deep water. One of the grimmer aspects of the job, says Chappo, is body recovery after suicides at nearby cliffs.

If you want to get notified of the season 13 premiere, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums. They are among the best-trained, strictest selected, most motivated and hard-working rescuers in the world.

@bondirescue just watching Bondi Rescue , where the seagull flies into singlets in the buggy .

I would be rocking up to the next rescue like this 😂#lovebondirescue #scaredofbirds 🤢😭 Tm NSS0u WK If you’re on #Bondi Beach tomorrow- keep an eye out for cattle!!!! @NTCattlemen @herd_hope @Tom_Curtain @ABCRural @abcsydney @National Farmers @bondirescue R5Lwp G9u X Where in the world are you watching our #Aussie @bondilifeguards on @bondirescue @aussieradioshow watches it on #Netflix here in the #USA We're ready for the next season!

Chappo shows off the computer screens and surveillance cameras that have given the lifeguards extra eyes on the beach.

There are also cameras mounted on their boards for the TV series, while their high-powered jet skis prompt one of the older lifeguards to comment "I remember the days of the horse and cart.

could someone please help me and tel me when season 8 of bondi rescue is on in the uk?

darkest day and the lifeguards at Bondi Beach are still struggling to comes to terms with it.

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He says TV fans often go to Palm Beach hoping to see someone from Home and Away and then come to Bondi where they're guaranteed to see someone from Bondi Rescue.

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