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The groups cover the rest of the tour (Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent) together. After lunch continuation of sightseeing program in Tashkent: museum of Applied Arts, Independence Square and Amir Temur Square. After you have relaxed and freshened up after your flight, you set out on a guided sightseeing tour of the city.

Choose Uzbekistan tour package suitable to you by clicking on the corresponding tab (5 or 8 days) upon scrolling down. First you go to Tashkent’s Old City to see Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex (also Hast Imam), consisting of Barak-Khan Madrasah, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, Muyi Muborak Madrasah, Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (also spelled Kaffal Ash-Shashi), Namazgoh Mosque and the new Khazrati Imam Mosque.

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Samarkand occupied a key position on the caravan routes between China and Europe.

Its favourable situation on the junction of caravan routes made Samarkand the centre of trade and cultural exchange.

Unique recipes, religious ideas, innovations and even trade secrets used to travel along the roads of the Great Silk Route together with merchants.

First, you see today the Registan Square and the three grand madrasahs (Islamic colleges) on its sides. After breakfast sightseeing program in Samarkand: You certainly visit Gur-e Amir Mausoleum, the sepulcher of Tamerlane (Timur) and the Timurid dynasty (1404; also spelled Gur Emir).

We recommend that you visit them during your leisure time after the tour. Over 2,750 years of age, it boasts very impressive architectural monuments and has a rich history.

Geographers and poets called Samarkand ‘Rome of the Orient’ and even ‘Eden of the Orient’ in the past.The classical tour itinerary featuring the ancient cities is a trip to Uzbekistan principal and most famous historical monuments - the grandiose must-see objects, which are an inherent part of Uzbekistan’s image.Medieval mosques, madrasahs and minarets, artisans’ workshops, bustling bazaars surrounded by quiet narrow ancient streets, the burning Asian sun and cool nights, the fantastically delicious Uzbek cuisine and contrast between deserts and oases will make you deeply feel the aura of the oriental culture during this travel to Uzbekistan.Today’s Ark is a most interesting tourist attraction featuring reconstructions with dummies and housing a few museums.Po-i-Kalan Complex (12 c.) you proceed to consists of Kalyan Mosque, Mir-i-Arab Madrasah and the famous Kalyan Minaret - a 45.6-meter-tall circular-pillar brick tower, narrowing upwards (built in 1127).The minaret miraculously survived many wars and invasions.

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