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Dominik Parisien is a Franco-Ontarian who grew up in Rockland, Ontario, alongside the Ottawa Rive.

His poetry has appeared in print and online, most recently in Mythic Delirium, Shock Totem, Ideomancer, Strange Horizons, and Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing.

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"Canada often feels like some massive beast facing westward, while our lives here ebb and flow like the Bays great tides. In addition to Poseidon and Cleito, he is the author of the Werecat series, The City of Seven Gods, and two books for young adults: The Seventh Pleiade and Banished Sons of Poseidon.

I love the abundance of nature so near and accessible to us on the East Coast." You can probably find him exploring the coastline and thinking of new stories. Andrew grew up in Buffalo, New York, studied psychology at Cornell University and has been a social worker, an advocate for LGBT youth, and an executive at a not-for-profit organization.

Dominik is the poetry editor for Postscripts to Darkness,provides editorial supportto Cheeky Frawg Books, and is a former editorial assistant for Weird Tales.

John Park was born in England and moved to Vancouver as a graduate student in chemical physics at the University of British Columbia; while there he published his first story professionally and attended the Clarion Writers Workshop.

Fiona Patton is a fantasy writer and counsellor for the developmentally handicapped who makes her home in rural Ontario.

Her works include the four novels of the Branion Realm series and three novels in Warriors of Estavia, available from Daw Books, as well as a number of short stories in different market.

On the side, he dabbled in homebrew RPG design with the enthusiasm of a medieval alchemist.

Unfortunately, he often enjoyed the same results as the medieval alchemist, sometimes explosive and always realizing that base metals could not be turned to gold. In May 2015, Richard saw an interesting fork in the road and decided to take it.

Rhonda Parrish was born and raised in southern Alberta and currently resides in Edmonton.

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