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The guard set fire to several children and himself at the Innocent Children's People Municipal Education Centre in Janaúba, in Minas Gerias, south east Brazil, police say.

This was the scene as victims were being rushed to hospital Janauba Regional Hospital also reported that about 40 people had been treated by the unit - 25 of them remain hospitalised suffering from severe burns and 15, who were in shock, have been released.

She played an unlucky character named Catarina in the A Culpada de BH episode of the 2012 television series As Brasileiras.

As of December 29, 2014, Isis Valverde is dating Uriel del Toro since May 2014.

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According to Mr Mendes there was no indication that Santos was about to carry out the atrocity. The Mayor told Minas Gerais media, Santos was on holiday and had gone to the nursery to hand in a medical certificate.

It is reported that he may have been suffering from depression.

Lieutenant Colonel John Aparecido Nascimento, commander of Military Police said: 'We believe a security guard at the nursery set himself on fire and set fire to children in the kindergarten.' Brazil police revised the death toll after earlier reports that the numbers were higher.

The perpertrator was named by police as fifty-year-old Damien Soares dos Santos, who had been working as a night watchman at the day care centre for eight years.The actress played a sexy manicurist named Rakelli in the 2008 telenovela Beleza Pura.Valverde played Camila in the 2009 telenovela Caminho das Índias, her character falls in love to Ravi, an Indian character played by Caio Blat.Minas Gerais Civil Police said: 'In response to the tragedy that occurred this morning in Janaúba, north of the state, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG) announces that it has been carried out on - site investigations.'The autopsy on the bodies of the four deceased children is being conducted at this time.'PCMG investigation teams are in the house of the suspect and are questioning his family for information that might assist with our inquiries and to help to elucidate the causes that motivated the crime.'Brazilian President Michel Temer voiced his horror at the atrocity.He told Correio Braziliense: 'I want to express my solidarity and regret about this event, and hope that these things will not happen again in Brazil, because the world is revolted by the incident.'Janaúba city council has announced for seven days of mourning for those who has lost their lives.Janaúba is in the north of the state of Minas Gerais and has about 70,000 inhabitants.

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