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However the details of this event are almost exactly the same as in the Woolpit case and the story seems to originate with John Macklin in his book Strange Destinies (1965).

William of Newburgh (1136-1198), an English historian, includes the Green Children in his main work Historia rerum Anglicarum (History of English Affairs), a history of England from 1066 to 1198.

The other source is Ralph of Coggeshall (died c 1228), who was sixth abbot of Coggeshall Abbey in Essex from 1207-1218.

It is also said that the current Earl Ferrers is descended from her through intermarriage.

When questioned about her past the girl was only able to relate vague details about where the children had come from and how they arrived at Woolpit.

But when newly-shelled beans with their stalks still attached were brought in the starving children immediately made signs that they were desperate to eat.

However, when the children took the beans they opened the stalks rather than the pods, and finding nothing inside, began weeping again.

They soon got engaged but broke up in February 2009.

Unfortunately, Green was robbed by a group of criminals called “The Bling Ring” since Fox was living with him. Following year, they tied a knot at the Four Seasons resort on the island of Hawaii.

Brian Austin Green began his acting career for a film directed by a University of Southern California student. His first professional entrance came in 1986 when he was cast to represent the role of "Brian Cunningham" for "Knots Landing".

In 1990, he started to act for "Beverly Hills 90210". The series, "Beverly Hills 90210" lasted for a decade till 2000 and brought him much fame.

Here the locals gathered round and questioned them, but no-one was able to understand the language the children spoke, so they were taken to the house of local landowner Sir Richard de Calne (or Colne), a few miles away at Wikes (or Wakes).

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