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If arriving at Bletchley Railway Station then nearby, is the Park Inn and Bletchley Working Mens Club (Saturdays only, see advert below).

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The Club operate automatic turnstiles, where you have to put your ticket (which has a bar code on it) into a slot reader and a green light will signify that one can enter.

This should be done speedily as the revolving turnstile will then come up behind you and whack you on the backside, which has left some fans rather bemused.

James Brook informs me; ' Away fans can buy tickets on the day by gates 3 and 4.

All fans are searched on entering the stadium and flags are not allowed in unless they come with their fire certificate!

Guy Plumb adds; ' There is also Fenny Stratford which is located a mile south of the stadium along Watling Street.

Fenny has seven pubs within a five minute walk of each other plus a fish and chip shop'.

Away supporters are normally located in the upper tier of the stadium in the North East Corner, where around 3,000 fans can be accommodated.

If demand requires it then the North Stand upper tier behind the goal can also be allocated as well as the lower tier.

The most striking feature of the stadium is its roof, which sits high up above the football ground with a large gap between in and the back roof of seating. The stadium is totally enclosed and has a bowl like design.

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