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The University of Cincinnati Master of Science in Criminal Justice is the preeminent master’s degree in the field.With a sterling reputation, a nationally recognized brand, and a rich University history dating back to 1819, the CJ program has graduated more than 2,000 students in its fourteen year history online.This course focuses on the evaluation of criminal justice policies and practices.

Why are some individuals predatory, dangerous, even psychopathic, while others, exposed to the same environmental factors, are not?

This class will examine the role biology plays in crime causation, with a special emphasis on understanding serial offending.

This course explores the major justifications for corrections, with a special focus on rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and restorative justice.

Each theory’s central principles, empirical adequacy, and policy implications are examined.

UC is committed to providing students with the very best education at an affordable rate.

UC professors teach a comprehensive 11-course curriculum.

Required course in the Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention concentration.

This course examines the development and function of policing in contemporary American society.

No prior experience or training in biology is necessary.

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