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The comprehensive 11-course curriculum is designed to help you understand the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that inform the study of crime and criminal justice, assess problems through a rigorous research approach, and conduct improved policy analysis.

The program will also help you identify current trends in the areas of corrections, policing, and criminology.

This course presents an overview of the nature of crime in American society.

Special focus is given to the major theoretical approaches to the explanation of criminal behavior at both the micro-level (why individuals commit crime) and the macro-level (why crime rates vary across communities).

Over six, 15-week semesters (two years), you will be exposed to every part of the criminal justice industry: criminology, social control, corrections, law enforcement, and juvenile justice. You will also learn about policies, professional writing, research methods, analyzing criminal behavior, and application of principles.

UC’s criminal justice program not only exposes you to the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that drive the study of crime and criminal justice, but also allows you to specialize in an area that is most relevant to you.

Special consideration is given to the social and political contexts that have shaped correctional policy and practice in the past and in recent times.

The purpose of the course is to enable students to develop a research-based theory of corrections.

No prior experience or training in biology is necessary.

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