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Pre-CPSC levers had a straight lever at one end, and a simple conical-shaped nut at the other end.Post-CPSC levers were curved, while the nut end was rounded nearly to a ball-shape.They were for sale at the most amazing garage sale a teen-aged (or even middle-aged) bike geek could imagine.

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But not long after, cassette-type hubs pushed threaded freewheel hubs out of the marketplace.

The theory was that it would help equalize spoke tension, resulting in a stronger wheel.

[Atom] [Brooks] [Campagnolo] [Dia-Compe and Weinmann] [Huret] [Maillard] [Normandy] [Nitto] [SR (Sakae)] [Sachs-Huret] [Shimano] [Strong] [Sansin] [Sunshine] [Sun Tour (Maeda)] [Sugino] [Tange] [Williams] [Dancing Chain] [Saddles]The date of manufacture of a bicycle's components can often be used to determine the date of manufacture of the bike itself.

Some bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece.

In 2008, Campagnolo introduced 11-speed drivetrains with Super Record, Record, and Chorus groupsets.

Campagnolo has released an electronic version of its drivetrain.

Jobst Brandt's book, The Bicycle Wheel, says that the claims of greater wheel strength are overblown -- but regardless, they are a cool-looking curiosity.

2015 Athena EPS discontinued and Chorus EPS introduced.

The small-flange versions were pretty similar to the Record version, but without the little oil hole that the Record hubs were known for.

The large-flange version was differentiated by having round lightening holes, as opposed to the kidney-shaped ones on the Records.

Swaps also can be made as the bike falls out of favor, or is being sold, where the higher quality components are traded for lower quality ones that the owner had onhand.

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