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As such, dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) and ice core samples from distant sites have both been used to attempt to obtain an absolute date for the eruption.

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The most recent pottery style found in the destroyed Minoan palaces was Late Minoan 1B.

Cross-dating between the Minoan sequence and the well-established Egyptian chronology dates Late Minoan 1B pottery (and hence the destruction of the palaces) to around 1450 BCE.

It has been proposed that the settlement could have been abandoned years or even decades before the eruption.

Akrotiri was, in the first instance, destroyed by earthquakes, and signs of reoccupation and clearance of parts of the town prior to the pumice fall have been cited as evidence for this idea.

Most scholars seem to think that there was only around two years between the evacuation and the eruption though.

The effects of such a massive eruption would have been felt across a wide section of the planet, and this is supported by deep-sea cores from locations including the Mediterranean Sea and Crete containing ash found by laboratory analysis to be from the Thera eruption.

Indeed, if the radiocarbon dates are taken to be the correct ones, the whole of Aegean Late Bronze Age chronology would necessarily be revised.

News November 9, 2015 NASA Holds Media Briefing on Carbon's Role in Earth's Future Climate

The problem is that an eruption date of the early 17 century BCE disagrees entirely with the well-established Egyptian historical chronology, which sets the eruption date at least a hundred years later.

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