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But, the interpretation of the data hinges on the dates.

If we leave the dates to one side, we discover that the data can be interpreted quite nicely within the biblical framework of history.

By working out their relationships they established their dates the researchers carefully recovered bone and charcoal samples for carbon-14 analysis.

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They suggest it rapidly increased in the early post-Flood period.

It has still not wholly recovered from this deviation from equilibrium.

For decades, researchers have been attempting to check the carbon-14 dates against an independent dating method but no independent dating method exists.

Calibration curves have been produced using sequences of tree-rings and lake sediments but these calibrations are still based on assumptions (see: Tree ring dating).

These reports make no reference to any other types of evidence from the culture that would contradict the evolutionary paradigm.

It is not that alternative ideas are weighed and eliminated on the basis of evidence; they are treated as if they did not exist.

Someone will have to give in on the issue of dating, but who?

The published dates give the impression of being precise and absolute but in reality they are subjective and flexible.

Twenty years later, a different dating method gave an age of 42,000 years, so the carbon-14 dates were abandoned and the duration of Aboriginal occupation revised upward.

Then in 1999 researchers, using five different methods, obtained a date of 62,000 years.

These disagree with their result by 2,000 to 5,000 years, yet they simply dismiss the previous work by saying it was not systematic. Dr Tracey Lu, an anthropologist from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, noted that the dates are older than dates for similar pottery found in several places in East Asia, including Japan.

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