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But when Bop-A-Lena, was released early the following year, during the height of the short lived vogue for primitive, energised rockabilly, it broke into the 'Billboard' charts, peaking at number 68.

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If you help this man, please contact him direct: Henric Hammarbck - [email protected]"Hi Rockabilly Hall of Fame! Im 30 years old and I work as a songwriter and one of biggest heros is Ronnie Self.

Well, except wikipedia and rockabilly hall of fame.

Self had a unique and tortuous career in the music business.

He eventually gained a fairly steady income from his songwriting but, with the exception of Bop-A-Lena, he was capable of much more than the larynx-searing Bop-A-Lena, though, and could move with ease from country to pop and onto R&B, leaving his imprint on it all.

Lewis is surprised that Martha slept through the murder and it is apparent that the marriage was not as perfect as Martha made out.

College master Dr Yardley tells Lewis that Richard was to be dismissed and his post given to his protégée, Stella Drew, though Stella says she was reluctant to accept it.

That night Richard is deliberately run over and killed by his own car.

DNA suggests Rachel was in the car but her boyfriend, Adam Tibbitt, gives her an alibi.

We have no idea why he is in prison, but there is a serious tension when they meet.

"What did he do and how long has he been in," are immediate questions.

"Ronnie was in and out of the station with demos," recalled Siman, "and showed all kinds of promise as a prolific writer." The exact train of events that took him to Nashville to cut his session for ABC is still a little cloudy. His first recording sessions were held in Nashville on behalf of ABC Records, which led to a contract and the release of a single, "Pretty Bad Blues"/"Three Hearts Later," both of which were written by Self. It is unclear why Albritten, who had strong ties to Decca via Foley, Webb Pierce and another Jubilee regular, Brenda Lee, would place Self with ABC.

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